We are landscape architects, planners, and horticulturists who are steeped in Imaginality™ (creativity + practicality).


Our Company exists to serve by Enhancing Community through PLACE-Creation™. We create memorable outdoor places in which people experience the beauty of the landscape. Our exterior design services are uniquely tailored to:

  • Senior Living / Healthcare Environments
  • Ensuring Sustainable, Durable, and Cost-Effective Landscapes
  • The needs of Homebuilders, Developers, and Governmental Agencies.


With Collaboration.

We use an integrated project delivery approach.


By "owning the exterior"

Scott’s old boss, Walt Disney, used to insist that everything outside the walls of the building should be the domain of the landscape architect. Today, we still embrace the wisdom of this approach.

Considering ourselves as “set-designers”; our outdoor spaces are the stage on which meaningful interactions occur.

“Planning & Landscape Architecture are simply means to a greater purpose of enhancing community. In the end, the quality of people’s lives matters most and our work contributes in meaningful ways.”

Our Values fuel our efforts

Building a team of passionate and talented leaders

Leveraging our strengths and skills in the planning, design, and management of land

Bringing incremental value to our clients' projects

Fostering a warm nurturing, and fun work environment

Firm Leadership

Smith_Photo_graphic2.jpgBrad Smith

Founder & Chairman

Brad is the guiding visionary of Brad Smith Associates, Inc. and has been creating memorable places for his clients since 1982. Brad knows the practical aspects of planning, project implementation, and on-going maintenance. His foundational understanding, coupled with strong design abilities and a high level of integrity have yielded numerous innovative, creative, and highly successful projects for his company’s clients.

His passion is planning and his "big-picture" focus, coupled with his "what-if" questioning causes the team to maximize project potential and achieve exceptional results. Brad's perspective is action-oriented -- he is a navigator and his "Let's get going" outlook serves him and his firm well, resulting in creative solutions and goals being met.

Brad is a good communicator. His use of humor, metaphor, and relational skills serve him well whether he is facilitating public forums, leading a multi-disciplinary design charrette, or simply involved in a client meeting.

Girard_Photo_graphic.jpgScott Girard

Director of Imaginality™

Scott brings an incredible operational skill set and tremendous expertise to our team, having served with the world-renowned Walt Disney “Imagineering” group as Head of Landscape Architecture & Horticulture Worldwide, and subsequently was honored to serve as General Manager of Operations for Disney’s Horticulture at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

He will tell you that when Disney went to a zero-based budgeting scenario, he quickly realized that certain design changes could have greatly impacted the bottom line significantly. This led to the crafting of the LandEconics program, a software tool that can help to optimize landscapes for long-term economic performance.

In his role as Director of Imaginality, Scott shares his expertise as the coach and mentor for our planning and design staff. He maintains a keen eye toward constructability and ongoing maintenance considerations – while not compromising creativity one bit.

A former member of the Curriculum Advisory Council for the Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Florida, Scott has also served on the State Technical Committee for Agribusiness for the Florida Department of Education’s CTE Program

Company Background

Your project is the center of our attention. You have a vision and a sense of something special in mind for your property when you engage Brad Smith Associates. Our role is to unearth your hopes and preferences. Feeding your thoughts into our studio cultivates our collective imagination and experience to produce a design that blows you away with beauty and function while being on budget. Joy for our team is making the invisible visible and creating memorable places where a true sense of belonging is honored.

 By title and training we’re landscape architects. We’re called upon to produce things like master site plans, landscape designs, and construction details; but these are just the physical deliverables of our profession.

In fact, we deliver on your dreams to our high standards. It takes a studio team designing, debating, and deliberating what’s best for your property to meet your criteria. Interviews with you, walking your land, common sense, and decades of a diversity of experience and many disciplines combined with the tools of our profession spark lively possibilities. At the end of the day, we’ve been entrusted with a small piece of God’s green earth and are called upon to be good stewards.