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Scott Girard, my business partner, spent the better part of 30 years in and around Walt Disney Imagineering.  He started as a kid running a monorail, was mentored by Bill Evans (Walt’s Landscape Architect), and took over as the chief landscape architect for the company globally.  Scott was involved in the development of the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, crafted the Tokyo Disney Resort, and later worked on many highly-themed projects as an independent consultant.  Suffice it to say, he’s one of the best on the planet when it comes to master-planning themed developments!

Connecting the Dots


Unleashing the Power of Food to Energize Your
Senior Living Community

One of the benefits of working in the Senior Living field is that the food quality is high. I’m a “foodie” – I love to cook, and I enjoy good food. So, at this year’s Environments for the Aging Conference #EFACON, I attended three separate sessions about food.

We Gotta Get Outa This Place (if it's the last thing we ever do)


I Need to Get Outside!

Out of the archives from 1965 – Eric Burdon and The Animals had it right.  At least, that’s the way my colleague, Dr. Lori Reynolds and I felt after a couple of full days at the Environments for the Aging Conference (#EFACON).  Ironic, because while we’re not geezers, we are Boomers, and we’re both over


Touching Hearts & Lives through PLACE-Creation . . .

. . . Because People Matter!


I recently finished reading John Maxwell's Intentional Living. He talks about finding your "why". It's your purpose. It provides focus. It makes the journey more meaningful and complete.

Ziegler Article + ULI Research = Senior Living Providers Can Reap Big Dividends!

"Long-term business value is created . . . by building a set of unique products and services that are in high demand and capable of delivering both growth and profit." - Andrew Colbert

According to the HealthCareBusiness news there are six pillars that drive valuation in health care:

  • Pillar One: Strategic Organization
  • Pillar Two: Technology Platform
  • Pillar Three: Industry Dynamics
  • Pillar Four: 'Best of Breed' Perception
  • Pillar Five: Financial Performance
  • Pillar Six: Management Team

Pillar Four will be the focus of this discussion. It brings to mind Jack Welch's insistence that GE would be the world leader in whatever market segment it competed. Winning matters. If they could not be #1 or #2 in their industry, they would be sold or closed. It was that simple. Why? Because winning companies make positive contributions to society. Losing companies don't have happy employees who make good money and pay their taxes; they're just hanging on - frightened.

Aging Services Providers Could Take a Page from Indy's Playbook

Reflections from White River State Park During #LeadingAge16

Creating Stronger Organizations Through Aggressive Growth Strategies

Creating Stronger Organizations through Aggressive Growth Strategies

Embracing a Hospitality Model for Senior Living Communites

At The Ritz Carlton and other Marriott Brands, friendly staffers frequently respond with “my pleasure” when thanked.  Contrast this to a server saying “no problem” when thanked at a lower-tier restaurant.  Who said anything about a problem in the first place?  I know that simple parroting of a phrase does not constitute concierge service, but it does speak of providing a customer-centric focus.  Taking it a step further involves anticipating needs, based on an intimate knowledge of the person and his or her needs, preferences, and life history. 

3 Trends that Could Affect Aging Services in a Big Way

Think back to 2005.  That was the first year that broadband internet access surpassed dial-up.  The iPhone was not even invented yet.  Look at how new technologies changed entire industries.  Blockbuster is gone, now we stream Netflix. 

Repositioning to Meet the Demands of a Changing Market

Industry experts at the 2016 LeadingAge Conference said that if you have not yet done it, you’re behind the curve!  That’s the bad news. The good news is that demographics are your destiny – there is a huge wave of change coming, and financing is available for almost anything that is targeted toward the growing Senior Services Industry.