The LandEconics™ approach is unique in its focus on applied economics. LandEconics is a powerful tool for optimization, enabling users to identify ways to eliminate wastefulness through innovative design. The authors of Natural Capitalism urge readers to avoid missing the “distant payoff that can be reaped through reducing your operating costs simply because you are so focused on saving a relatively few cents on fees up front.” They understood that “Design is really just applied foresight. It’s what you do carefully and responsibly to achieve what you want later”. (Natural Capitalism, pg. 111) 1 . With LandEconics, users not only save on future operations, but on capital expenditures on the front-end.

By optimizing landscape management strategies in order to reduce ongoing operational costs, LandEconics stands as a service without equal. Once illumination and understanding have been gained by analyzing the LandEconics report, users can identify prospective landscape modifications which will provide even greater cost savings. By calculating the Net Present Value (NPV) of dollars invested for prospective landscape modifications, and the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) on those investments, LandEconics becomes a valuable instrument to justify capital expenditures which pay large repetitive dividends.