Proven, Data-Driven Cost Savings For Smarter Landscapes

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Your Landscape is struggling, you're spending too much on grounds maintenance and you want to improve your landscape to produce better results.

We can help transform your landscape into a "Living Asset" by enhancing first impressions, boosting financial performance, and increasing property values.

Are you a Landscape Architect? Property Owner or Manager? Landscape & Grounds Maintenance Contractor? Click one of the links below to learn more about how LandEconics can help.



Landscape Architect Professional

  • Provides a maintenance cost analysis while the project is being designed
  • Is a tool that can be used to make informed design decisions
  • Is a component that can be used to offer new services to existing clients

Landscape Architect


Property Owner or Property Manager

  • Prevents the waste of money on poor landscape maintenance services
  • Removes politics from the budgeting process
  • Provides industry-standard data and costs for landscape maintenance

Property Owner



Landscape & Grounds Maintenance Contractor

  • Eliminates guesswork when bidding on work
  • Provides annually-updated data so costs are always current
  • Provides increased professionalism in the eyes of the client

Landscape Contractor

The big dollar cost for your landscape project is not the design or even the construction; it’s the ongoing maintenance.

LandEconics Gives You the Visibility You Need to Have a Beautiful, Affordable, and Durable Landscape.