Is your Landscape struggling? Are you spending too much on grounds maintenance? Do you want to improve your landscape to produce better results?

We can help transform your landscape into a "Living Asset" by enhancing first impressions, boosting financial performance, and increasing property values.


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The Key to Designing Sustainable Landscapes is Managing the Ongoing Maintenance Costs.

LandEconics was founded by our parent company, Brad Smith Associates, to develop a unique "living asset" management software that will enable you to make informed decisions about your landscape.

Brad Smith Associates

The big dollar cost for your landscape project is not the design or even the construction; it’s the ongoing maintenance.

LandEconics Gives You the Visibility You Need to Have a Beautiful, Affordable, and Durable Landscape.


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"What A Wonderful Team To Rely On"

Ned Plimpton, Belafonte Co.

I'm continually blown away by the team at Symphony. They rock! I would come back again and again.

"Produced With Perfection In Mind"

Walter Sobchak, Rug Collector LLC

I don't know what I would do without Symphony. My happiness has gone through the roof :)

"This Product Blew Me Away"

Lucille Bluth, Real Estate Inc. Group

My expectations were exceeded beyond belief.  The product was wonderful and it asnwered all my problems!

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Symphony clients
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symphony clients
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symphony clients

The LandEconics software has been developed over 17 years to reduce operational costs of maintaining your landscape. It is:

  • An industry standard reference to evaluate a property’s true landscape maintenance requirements.

  • A management tool to maximize the initial landscape investment, while minimizing the ongoing costs, ensuring that the landscape will mature and thrive.

  • A GREEN tool to analyze ways to save money and resources on a landscape without compromising the appearance of the landscape.

  • A resource to control ongoing costs by building a zero-based budget, allowing you to make wise determinations about your ongoing operating costs and practices.

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