Pricing Information

Our LandEconics Program brought to you with White Glove Service.

If you have a project that has been completed, or better yet - that is under design, here's how our LandEconics Program works:

1. You send us your drawings in PDF or DWG format

2. We'll ask you a few questions, and we'll run our analysis on your project

3. We send you your report - it's that simple!


0-10 Ac.
11-20 Ac.
per acre
21-50 Ac.
per acre
51-100 Ac.
per acre
over 100 Ac.
per acre

white glove.jpgThe LandEconics program uses a rolling ten-year database of manpower and motion studies combined with hard-cost data to project and reduce the annual maintenance costs for a landscape  installation, while ensuring that landscape is properly nurtured and cared-for based on industry standards.

Benefits of Using our White Glove Service:

1.  It's simple, fast, and provides you with the data you need.

2.  Proven accuracy within 4%

3.  Dial it in - if you're paying to much for landscape maintenance, you're wasting money; too little, and you're putting your Living Assets "At-Risk"

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