Facility Owners and Property Managers:

ensuring that investments made in “Living Assets” do mature and achieve maximized financial performance and aesthetic impact (rather than becoming sources of capital leakage due to poor landscape management).

  • LandEconics removes politics from the budgeting process.
  • LandEconics provides industry-standard information on how much should be spent on landscape maintenance.
  • LandEconics will quickly tell you if you are wasting money by overspending on landscape maintenance.
  • If you are under committing funds, LandEconics will tell you that you are putting your living assets at risk – eventually requiring additional capital for replacements and remedial work.

LandEconics will help to prevent the “Crazy Cycle” described below:

  • Landscape is installed; looks great
  • Landscape suffers from deferred or improper maintenance; begins to decline
  • Management makes a fuss; money is thrown at the problem
  • The cycle repeats itself and the landscape never thrives and matures.

The unfortunate result is that the landscape never thrives, grows, and matures – and more money is spent than would otherwise be the case if the cycle had been avoided by the use of a proper living asset management program.

 Avoiding the Crazy Cycle



Landscape Architects:

enabling an analysis to be made of the costs to maintain what is being designed. LandEconics provides the metrics to gauge true sustainability while improving the “bottom line” to both landscape architects and their clients.

The cost to maintain what you design will far exceed the initial capital expenditure for the installation of the landscape. The vast majority of landscape architects are completely unaware on the specific recurring costs associated with maintaining landscapes. LandEconics will calculate those costs, based on the landscape design. You can then make informed design decisions about sustainability and cost effectiveness; thereby demonstrating to your client how your work is improving the client’s financial position by delivering true value. LandEconics will also help you evaluate design alternatives and identify potential ongoing cost savings. LandEconics provides the metrics to gauge true sustainability. If a client cannot afford to maintain the landscape they design, the landscape architect is doing a disservice to both their client and the environment.

LandEconics will enable you to offer new services to your existing clients.

How To Optimize Your Design